Bebecom NZ Ltd

Managed Hosting and Development Services

Our Story

We aim to bridge the gap in the current market between Tertiary Education and Employment in the field of Computer Programming.

In the current market situation most employers want employees who are skilled tool users, however most Tertiary providers are sending out graduates who know how to make tools rather than use them.

In order to fill this gap, we intend to train under-graduate interns using real programming contracts to provide a context for training and best practice mentoring. We also provide space, tools and mentoring for the interns throughout their studies.

Our senior staff have experience with the following technologies: Amazon AWS, Android, Android Studio, Apache, C, C#, C++, Delphi, DNS, Eclipse, Electronic Design, Firmware, Git, Google Suite, I2C, IntelliJ, IP, Java, JIRA, JUnit, KVM, Linux, Microchip MPLab, Mockito, MONO, MS .NET, MS Office, MS VSS, nUnit, Pascal, Robolectric, SCRUM, SPI, SQL, SVN, UART, Verilog, Virtualbox, Visual Basic, Visual Studio, VLAN, Windows, and Xamarin Studio.